Ticketing Terms and Conditions

By purchasing tickets and participating in Solarsphere Festival you agree that:

You have read our terms and conditions and agree to adhere to them.

Click on the button at the bottom of the page, by doing so you have agreed to the terms and conditions set out

We reserve the right to modify our terms and conditions at any time which hold immediate effect. We advise regular reviews of our terms and conditions.

You understand that dogs or any other pets (apart from guide dogs) are not permitted to be at Solarsphere Festival. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who turns up with a dog or other type of pet.

In the unlikely event that the Festival is cancelled before the event there will be a FULL refund of the face value of the ticket minus booking fee. Solarsphere will not be responsible for the reimbursement of transport or accommodation costs.

Solarsphere Festival reserves the right to cancel, postpone, interrupt or stop the event due to adverse weather conditions, dangerous situations, or any other causes beyond reasonable control.

If Solarsphere Festival has to be cancelled during the event for any reason, ie, extreme weather conditions, fatality, or any other reason where by organisers have to act in the interest of public safety, there will be no refunds. 
Tickets given as prizes or gifts in competitions and promotion hold no monetary value and cannot be refunded in any circumstance.

The Line up may be subject to change. In the event of a speaker/band/workshop cancelling due to unforeseen circumstances, another speaker/band/workshop will be booked in their place of a similar calibre or genre if possible. No refunds will be given if replacements cannot be found.

Solarsphere Festival will not be liable (under any circumstances) for any loss or damage to your belongings, loss of profits, damage to reputation, or loss or corruption of data. Any belongings you bring on site are to be stored securely and at your own risk.

You consent to the use of your image/likeness and/or photos/videos you have shared with us or third parties being used for promotional purposes of Solarsphere which may be in the form of videos or photographs taken at Solarsphere Festival.

You will not make recordings/photographs of any part of the event where you are asked not to or where it is displayed not to.

Solarsphere Festival reserves the right to refuse admission to lectures at the festival or refuse admission to the whole event for behaviour deemed as unacceptable or for non-compliance of the terms and conditions.

You will be responsible for and present your own ticket on arrival at the ticket office. We will not allow you admission to the event if someone else on or off site has your ticket. Please ensure you have made necessary arrangements to avoid this complication.

Solarsphere Festival is a TICKET ONLY event. You agree that you will have purchased your ticket in advance or in exceptional circumstances have made alternative arrangements regarding payment with the event organisers. Solarsphere Festival reserves the right to refuse entry to those who arrive without having booked tickets or made alternative payment arrangements with organisers. If Solarsphere staff ARE able to permit entry via ‘pay on the gate’ you will first agree to provide ID and to sign a form
completing on it your person identifiable information and agreement to adhere to Solarsphere Festival’s terms and conditions. Failure to provide ID, to complete/sign the form
or/and both will result in refusal of entry to the festival regardless of how far/long you have travelled to get there.

If you display behaviour deemed as unacceptable i.e., disruptive, abusive, threatening, aggressive, harassment, bullying, discrimination (this list is not exhaustive) You will be given a warning. If this behaviour continues, you will then be given the maximum of one hour to pack away your belongings and leave the festival site (including the surrounding areas such as around the borders of the site, entrance, exit etc.). If you refuse to leave, the police will be called to evict you off site, your wristband will be removed from your arm and your ticket immediately revoked. Solarsphere Festival reserves the right to ask you to pack up and leave without first giving a warning.

You understand that the field signposted ‘Antares’ is to have NO white light used at night.  This is a RED torch light field only to ensure the highest quality observing for Astronomers as possible.  Please be mindful to have the items you need already out of your vehicles when observing to avoid having to open car doors excessively during the night, please use duct tape over indicator lights to block out the light if need be.  
Please be mindful that there will be possibly be children present looking through scopes, so control of expletives would be appreciated! 

Solarsphere Festival will not be held liable for any injury, incident, accident, fatality or other scenario caused by attendee’s personal negligence. By participating in Solarsphere Festival you are held responsible and liable for your own personal safety and for the safety of any minors present who are in your care and you are responsible for seeking appropriate help where needed i.e., security, first aid, emergency services.

You have familiarised yourself with the festival site rules and regulations and other information on the website, you understand it and agree to adhere to what is stated.

By clicking on this button you agree to Solarsphere Astronomical & Music Festival Terms and Conditions

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