What is Solarsphere

Solarsphere is a small, family friendly star camp held in the beautiful Welsh countryside. We aim to educate the curious, the beginner and the more experienced amateur about various aspects of the Cosmos via talks and workshops. Children welcome in ALL talks although some might be a little beyond a young child’s understanding. Adults welcome to get involved in the children’s workshops too!

We believe that learning is even more fun in a non-learning environment where everyone can also relax by their tents, absorb the beautiful setting of the countryside, take part in workshops and enjoy discovering new music.

Solarsphere is an independent, non-profit star camp which is not over crowded, you do not have to walk miles to your tent, there are ‘proper’ showers and toilets which are cleaned regularly AND… your thoughts and your experience of our star camp matters to us which is why we listen to you when we have feedback!

Solarsphere welcome the community to help us constantly evolve into a star camp you will always love and want to return to. Feedback forms will be given at the star camp or can be filled in online after the event to assist with this.

Your continued support is much appreciated, Sarah, Syb & Pete (Solarsphere Organisers).

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